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Marikana - War in South Africa

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Until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes.

There is a WAR.

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“Thirty-four people were killed after police opened fire on striking miners at a South African mine on Thursday, the police chief has said.

Riah Phiyega said police had been forced to shoot after armed protesters charged them, “firing shots”, at the Marikana mine in the north-east.

At least 78 people were injured in the confrontation, she added.

Unions are demanding an inquiry into the incident - one of the bloodiest police operations since apartheid.

The Lonmin-owned platinum mine has been at the centre of a violent pay dispute, exacerbated by tensions between two rival trade unions.

Violence had already killed 10 people, including two police officers, since the strike began a week ago.”




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  1. Alibama October 25th, 2013 9:31 am

    here’s a big post on USEnet:soc.culture.south-africa. about Marikana by
    one of the ‘progressives’. I’m waiting for Sharpville to be re-analysed
    in the context of Marikana. Since PdV is blocked, perhaps you are able to
    use USEnet?==============
    Newsgroups: uk.politics.misc, soc.culture.zimbabwe, za.politics
    Subject: Zuma’s critics are wrong this time.

    Some private blog [perhaps DailyMaverick, see below]
    mentioned that Zuma’s public contrasting Gauteng’s HiWay
    system with Malawis’ national roads, is seen as SA arrogance
    by the less developed African states.

    This false conclusion is caused by the writers political
    correctness infliction:–

    SA. is the LEAST developed. It is hardly 2 decades into
    it’s transformation journey towards a Zimbabawe, Zambia,
    Congo status.
    I have good experience and understanding of Malawi’s
    attitude. When I was there, at the time of the ANC unbanning,
    I remember very clearly, the comment by a Malawian, who
    doublessly had spent time in and knew S.A. He said: “OMG now
    the whole F*ing S.A. is going to be like one big bantustan”.
    Malawians where well aware of the benefit to them of a
    prosperous [non-bantu run] job-offering Apartheid S.A.

    The natives of the further-transformed african states, are not
    victims of PeeCee. They know that mulungu/mzungu sent a
    man to the moon and back, in the 60’s.

    They know that as the competent ‘whites’ flee and the
    economy collapses in SA, it is to their DISadvantage.

    Malawian Life President [by bantu tradition] H.E. Banda,
    used to tell his people repeatedly:
    * don’t think you are the same as mzungu;
    * I know mzungu; I qualified as a medical doctor under
    mzungu in USA and UK;
    * be good/honourable Malawians, and get out in the fields
    with your hoes, as soon as the rains start.

    And indeed the Malawian were, decent, hard-working,
    confident, wordly people.

    My mistake in failing to relocate to Malawi, was also caused by
    my own mzungu-PeeCee-ism: I hadn’t accepted the reality, that
    with muntu ‘you always have to pay a little bribe, to get your
    documents passed’.

    If SA’s were more competent, they would learn to use USEnet,
    instead of each one having his own blog.
    USEnet is designed for public communications.
    Web-based is designed for incompetents.
    Competent societies develop and use a public transport system.
    Incompetent societies like baboons, use their own transport.
    New-SA’s road conditions are transforming towards the more
    advanced [away from colonial rule] Nigeria.

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